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Personal Trainer For Women

Straight to the top!

The trick behind is the way that we built the web site. In a few months, one by one, we out-ranked all the cities of Southern California, and finally the entire state of CA (#1 if you search "personal training for women in CA" ) in Google.


Finally, by February of '09, after 1 year, it was #1 on Google and Yahoo if you search "personal training for women". This means that it passed every web site in the entire world. It has since slipped to #2 in Google. This is why clients need SEO monitoring and SEO Web Hosting: so they can maintain their position.


Now there are too many interested potential clients emailing through the web site. Sometimes more than one per week. If you want more quality leads for your business, Contact us.

Home Building Site in a gated community near Bryson City, NC

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consulting


In July of 2008, a new client in Georgia realized that his current web site,, is hidden from Google. No problem--except that he is trying to sell Real Estate. In SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Real Estate is one of the highest heaps to get to the top of. Also, he wanted to keep his current web designer.


We optimized his existing site, which is still being managed by another web site company. Since we did not build the site, our results were not as good as usual, but we more than met our 10-6 (top 10 in 6 months) guarantee, for about half the price quoted by another bidder. Try searching any of these phrases and see how we did. Here is where we were by February of 2009:

SEO Key phrase Search Rankings
KEYPHRASE Google Rank Yahoo Rank
home Building Site in a gated community near Highlands, NC #6 #6
home Building Site in a gated community near Bryson City, NC #3 #6
gated community in Bryson City, NC #6 #12
gated estate community in the smokey mountains #1 #1
gated community in the smokey mountains #6 #12


This Real Estate client included, we can still say that we have launched all of our clients to #1 spots on Google on our first release. We offer 6 levels of SEO services. This release involved roughly 3 of these 6 levels. This was the most SEO we have ever had to do for a client. Nonetheless, we did half of what we could have, and we still got them to #1. Since we still have the other half of our tricks up our sleeve, we are confident that we can:
  1. Maintain our top rankings.
  2. Gain top rankings for other keyphrases as well.

Surf Shop in Ventura, CA

4 sites in 1

In Spring of 2008, a new client said that his current web site is hidden from Google. He had 4 main thrusts of his business --the first 4 links in the graphic above. He wanted top Google ranking for all 4, on a shoe string budget.

We had to build him a new web site. However, because of this freedom to build-in SEO from the ground up, we achieved top Google rank very quickly and cheaply. Almost each page of his site has a different domain name. This is what I call a "Multiple Domain Name" Website. Try Googling any of the keyphrases below, and see how we did. Here is where we were by the close of 2008:

SEO Key phrase Search Rankings
KEYPHRASE Google Rank Google Local Rank Domain Name
Surf Shop in Ventura, California #3 #3
Surf Rentals in Ventura, California #2 #3
Surf Lessons in Ventura, CA #1
Surf Wear in Ventura, California #1
Surf Wear in Ventura, Ca #1


Search Engine Optimized Website (SEO) with multiple names in Athens, GA

Start your business off on the right foot.

A new business owner in Athens, GA came to us with a clean slate. We helped him choose his domain names, and put an SEO website on each. Within a few days of launching the site on 4/1/09 we had the #1 spot in Yahoo. We will have to wait 6 months to really see, but here is how we have done so far:

SEO Key phrase Search Rankings
Athens child care #1 Yahoo 04/3/2009
Athens child care #2 Google 04/11/2009
athens day care #2 Google 08/11/2009

This is one of the solutions that we developed to meet our clients' goal within his budget. This is one example of how SEO Website Guy brings technologies together to launch their clients ahead of the competition. Let us figure out what technologies you need, and let us bring it all together for you.


You do not need to understand SEO, to understand its results. Each of our clients have been launched to the top of Google's ranks. This page prooves this by providing data and links for you to verify.


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